We believe in the power of personal escape. All affection begins with self-love, so we develop massage and relaxation products that turn anytime into me time. That’s how we put everyone else’s business on pause—and turn on your own pleasure.

The world wants your time

  • The boss wants your energy.
  • The (grand)kids want your attention.
  • The community wants your hustle.
  • The billboards want your focus.
  • The screens want your eyeballs.
  • The list goes on…

What do you want?

Whether to shut others out or to zero in on yourself, living only happens when you put life on pause. So take your day back and practice a little self-love. Make it your moment—

at a moment’s notice

Words to live by:

  • “Relax! Life is beautiful!”

    —David L. Wolper

  • “The time to relax is whenyou don't have time for it”

    —Sydney J. Harris

  • “Do you want to live life or to escape life?”


Me, myself and ahh…

Careers that don’t feel like work

We’re always looking for talented, passionate individuals who are both laidback and go-getting.

If you enjoy creating, delighting, inspiring and helping, join us.

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