Belmint Cozy Foot Massager with Switchable Heat

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ENJOY A COZY AND WARMING FOOT MASSAGE -Uses Shiatsu massage technique that target acupuncture points that helps relieve pain and soreness on tired muscles.

IMPROVE BLOOD AND OXYGEN CIRCULATION - Turn on the heater to immerse your feet into a spa warming massage to revitalize the tissues on your feet and alleviates the discomfort after standing for hours at work. 

INNOVATE DESIGN THAT TURNS INTO A BACK MASSAGER! - By removing the foot cover, you can transform easily into a back massager so you can relieve tensions, stress, and stiffness on troublesome areas on your upper and lower back

EASY MAINTENANCE - After many uses, you can remove the foot cover and toss it into the washing machine for clean-up.

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Bask in The Benefits of Shiatsu Massage
The origins of Shiatsu massage comes from Asia which is a relaxing massage that involves fingers thumbs, feet, and palms to help alleviate pain and discomfort on tired muscles. Belmint has integrated this massage technique on a compact and portable electric foot massager that delivers all the benefits Shiatsu offers. Developed by Belmint engineers, this machine uses cutting-edge technology that adapts the physiological parts of human body.

Turn the Heat Function on to Improve Circulation and Blood Flow
Heat rises temperature in the skin to supply nutrients and oxygen to your tissues. By enhancing heat with massage therapy, you can stimulate circulation and blood flow while at the same time getting rid of carbon dioxide to improve various problems on your feet: muscles pain, spasms, plantar fasciitis, joint stiffness, soreness, neuropathy, and more. With Belmint foot massager, you can relax and pamper your feet while improving your overall well-being.

Who’s the Massager for?
Professionals who work long hours standing on their feet
Construction workers
Doctors and nurses
And anyone who needs to alleviate pain and discomfort on feet
Also, you can turn this cozy foot massager into a back massager by removing the cover and adjusting the structure to massage troublesome areas on your back and shoulder.

What’s in the Box?
1 x Cozy foot massager
1 x Removable foot cover
1 x Controller
1 x Power cord
1 x User guide

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