Foot and Calf Air Compressor

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GET RID OF PAIN AND SWELLING - Uses pressurized air technology that helps stimulate circulation in the calves and feet with 2 modes and three pressure levels that can be controlled by the handheld controller. 

PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE THERAPY WITH 2 AIRBAGS - Provides air compression which targets your muscles and tendons through inflation and deflation that helps improve circulation, soothe soreness, reduce swelling, and relieve stress and tension.

CORDLESS DESIGN TO MASSAGE ANYWHERE -The powerful built-in rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy a therapeutic massage for hours and it takes 2 hours to recharge fully.

FDA APPROVED AND AUTO SAFETY FEATURE - We made this air leg scd compression massager with durable components and materials which are waterproof and dirt-proof, and it has been approved by FDA. 

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Reduce Common Circulatory Problems
The Belmint Air Leg and Foot Compression Massager uses air pressurized technology that easily relieve pain and fatigue due to long hours of training or from standing hours at work.
The device offers 2 modes and three intensity levels, each mode giving different massage mechanism that can improve blood circulation on your feet and relax tired muscles and tendons. Mode 1 offers 4 cycles to inflate and deflate your feet and calves and Mode 2 uses a unique cycle that rotates pressure between your feet and calves. Both function modes are personalized which gives a therapeutic massage treatment to relieve severe non-circulatory problems such as lymphedema as well as circulatory problems like edema.

Fit Different Calves and Feet Size
The leg wraps are fully adjustable to fit perfectly on feet and calves. The hypoallergenic fabric uses velcro straps that maximize the wraps up to 19 inches so you can enjoy relaxing in comfort. The wraps include extensions that you can use together to expand the calves sizes up to 26 inches. It’s versatile to use on hamstrings, thighs, and arms.

Who Needs This Professional Therapy Foot Massager?
Workers who have high working pressure and labor intensity
Professionals who stand or sit for a long time
Frequent flight travellers
Middle-aged and elderly people
Those who have poor circulation, restless leg syndrome, varicose, and swollen leg
It makes a great gift idea for family, parents, friends, and even for yourself.

Package Includes:
2 x Massage Cuffs
2 x Extensions
1 x Handheld Controller
1 x Adapter(UL Plug)
1 x User Manual
1 x Storage Mesh Bag

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