Foot, Calf and Leg Massager with Heat

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PAIN RELIEF - Providing a deep kneading, shiatsu massage with 15-minute relaxation, it improves blood circulation in your muscles and joints.

ADJUSTABLE DESIGN - Features an adjustable support bar with 360° positioning, allowing you to adjust the perfect angle to focus on the area you really need a shiatsu therapy massage. 

HIGH QUALITY - Helps you to relieve tired, achy muscles. Relax on the couch and enjoy the soothing relief as soon as you get home every night.

MULTIPLE MASSAGE MODE - Wrap your legs in luxury using multiple vibrations + rolling + kneading massage, as well as various pressure levels.

HEAT THERAPY FUNCTION - Enjoy the warming feeling of the heat function to soothe tension and stiffness. This optional heat helps to relax your muscles and ligaments.

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Ease Tension and Fatigue from the Daily Hectic Activities
With the push of a button, you can enjoy a spa-quality Shiatsu massage in the comfort of your own home and give your feet and legs a spa-quality the pampering they deserve. This remarkable foot massage machine wraps your legs in luxury and use multiple vibrations plus rolling and kneading massage nodes that target acupressure points to stimulate your muscles and ligaments. Since we figured that some areas of your legs need more care, this foot massager features adjustable bar so you can tilt the device that best suits you and reach the parts where need some relief.

Exclusive Massaging Features and Functions
Adjustable Support Bar with 360° positioning for the perfect angle and fit
2 Vibration Settings
3 Massage Modes
2 Leg Air Bag Settings
3 Air Pressure Levels (low default setting)
Optional Heat

Why Choose Belmint Foot Massager
Luxury spa-like massage with health benefits that relax and unwind your legs
Adjustable bar design to target acupressure points on your feet, calves, ankles, toes, and more.
Optional heat function that warm up your muscles and ligaments and improves blood circulation
Multiple intensity levels (low, medium, and high) to give the perfect amount of comfort and relief to tired and sore muscles

Package Includes:
1 - Foot, Calf, and Leg Massager
1 - User Manual
1 - Power Cable

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  • Sit Back and Unwind After a Hard Day - Feeling your feet and calves hurt after standing for a long time? As soon as you get home, relax on the couch and enjoy the soothing relief of the Belmint Foot Massager. This foot massage machine provides deep kneading shiatsu massage that gives a 15-minute relaxation to your feet and improve blood circulation and circulation in your muscles and joints so you can walk, sleep, and feel great again.
  • Adjustable Design for Optimal Comfort - Built to the highest standards with strong focus on providing a personal massage experience that helps you relieve achy muscles, this feet massager features adjustable support bar with 360° positioning that allows you to adjust the perfect angle of the massager and focus on the area that you really need a shiatsu therapy massage, whether it’s on the feet, legs, calves, ankles, or toes.
  • Multiple Massage Modes and Intensity Levels for Complete Relief - With multiple massage nodes, vibrations, kneadings, and heat, this unique design lets you wrap your legs in luxury using multiple vibrations + rolling + kneading massage, and the various pressure levels (from low to high), the air bags will provide the amount of comfort and relief to tired and sore muscles. It also target specific pressure points to get to hard-to-reach areas and increase blood circulation for well-being.
  • Heat Therapy Function to Warm Up Cold Feet - You can enjoy the warming feeling of this foot massager to soothe tension and stiffness, and relax your muscles and ligaments so your legs and body can sleep much better and wake up refreshed the next day. It’s easy to use and it comes with a manual guide to help use this exceptional massager at the comfort of your home.

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