Full Back Massager

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ENGINEERED TO PROVIDE DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE ON THE NECK & BACK - Featuring 12 massage nodes, this full back heat massager for chair mimic a real massage therapist’s hands.

TARGET ACUPRESSURE POINTS FOR A SOOTHING RELIEF - The Shiatsu deep-kneading nodes target hard-to-reach areas. 

SOOTHING HEAT FUNCTION FOR BLOOD AND OXYGEN FLOW - The switchable heat function help you relax and warm tired muscles and it also promotes blood circulation.

PERFECT FOR HOME, OFFICE AND CAR MASSAGER - Versatile and portable to use in your office chair or even set it up at your car for on-the-go relief.

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The Premier Deep Kneading Massage with Shiatsu Techniques for Complete Relief
Belmint engineers has developed one of the most innovative massage machine that offers shiatsu kneading massage with 12 3D nodes. The integration of shiatsu massage function, intelligent programming and ergonomic movement of these kneading nodes provide a sensational relief to hard-to-reach areas in your back including lumbar area, lower and upper back, and the acupuncture points where stress and tensions accumulate. Built with hard-wearing materials, this full back massager is the utmost versatile option that gives you a complete relief from muscle tightness, tiredness, and knots in your body.

The Best Choice for a Total Relaxing Massage Experience
The integration of advanced heating function and massage intensity levels provides to your body a real therapist’s hands massage to get loosens tense muscles and fatigue. Sit tight in your couch or chair and enjoy a spa-like massage experience at a fraction of the cost – for an unlimited time.

Remarkable Specifications Tailored to Your Needs
Turn the heat function to improve circulation and oxygen flow
Direct kneading action targets the lumbar area
Easy to operate with user-friendly settings controls in just a few simple clicks
Made to last using high quality materials and components

Package Includes
User manual
Full Back Massager
AC adapter
Car adapter

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  • Engineered to Provide Deep Tissue Massage on the Neck & Back - Featuring 12 massage nodes that fundamentally placed against the back’s pressure points, this full body massager mimics a real massage therapist’s hands that helps massage the knots out, loosens tense muscles and relieve fatigue. It is the best tool which offers a spa-like massage experience while you sit back.
  • Target Acupressure Points for a Soothing Relief - The Shiatsu deep-kneading nodes of this back massager target hard-to-reach areas including upper and lower back and waist to reduce tension, stress, and pinching sensation. Simply lean back on the machine enjoy the godsend relief after a long day at work.
  • Soothing Heat Function for Blood and Oxygen Flow - The switchable heat function helps you relax and warm tired muscles and it also promotes blood circulation to feel rejuvenated from the hectic day. Unwind at the couch or chair and enjoy the warm feeling that helps unwind your body and soul while stretching and loosening soreness and stiff tendons.
  • Perfect for Home, Office and Car Use - Built with high quality materials and components, this electronic back and neck massager is versatile and portable to use in your office chair or even set it up at your car for on-the-go relief. Includes, power cord, AC adapter and car adapter.

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