Full Body Stretch Masage Mat

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THE ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION TO STRETCH AND RELAX - Pre-programmed with four relaxing functions, this electronic yoga mat uses precision controlled air chambers that inflate in sequence to emulate yoga-style stretches.

RELEASE TENSIONS FROM NECK TO LOWER BACK - Provide a yoga experience treatment that helps undo tense muscles associated with headaches, neck and shoulder pain, improve posture alignment, and promotes foundation of a happy and healthy lifestyle.

GAIN FLEXIBILITY AND STRENGTH IN YOUR MUSCLES - Benefits of doing yoga helps boost immunity, increase flexibility, ups your heart rate and strengthen your muscles – and this back stretching yoga mat is tailor-made to provide all of this. 

RELAX BODY AND SOUL AFTER A LONG DAY - You can save time and money enjoying stretching, twisting and energizing your back from the comfort of your home to make you feel livelier and less stressed. 

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The Tonic for Stiff and Achy Backs
Based on the practice of yoga, the Belmint back stretching mat will be your personal spot where you can get all the stretching and relaxation through a range of sequences that help you unwind your mind, body and soul.
Assisting to yoga class is good to practice the techniques to help you relax and release tensions but sitting in a room full of people chanting ‘om’ just wasn’t for you – especially if you’re coming after a long day at work. At the comfort of your home, you can enjoy all the benefits of this remarkable practice with Belmint back stretching mat with all the sequences to stretch, twist, release and relax.

The Different Prep-Programmed Treatments
Stretch: Yoga lovers enjoy stretching to drain lymph, improve flexibility and soothe muscles. The Stretch treatment program delivers the remarkable benefits of calm and stretching without leaving your mat as the air chambers inflate gently to stimulate your lumbar, release knots in your shoulders and muscles, and relax.
Twist: This sequence is a short session that focuses on relieving tension in shoulders and hips by lifting gently the lower area as you enhance the body.
Energize: This program is designed to help refuel and boost your energy levels
Flow: A progressive flow of stretches that gently mobilize and stimulate the whole length of the spine, leaving you feeling open, renewed, refreshed, and supple

Foldable and Portable Design for Travel and Easy Storage
After rejuvenating your body, mind, and soul, you can simply fold this mat and secure it with the strapping system for easy storage under the bed or closet. And if you’re planning to take holidays, the mat features convenient handles to carry with ease to get your body relaxation anytime, anywhere.

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