Handheld Massager

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PAIN RELIEF - Allows you to control the amount of shiatsu massage pressure to relieve knots and pain. Enjoy a deep tissue massage on your neck, back, foot, leg and full body for complete relief.

EASY TO USE - The anti-slip silicone handle with streamlined design makes the cordless massager easy to grip during use, while the tissue percussion massager glides easily to reach your back without contortions.

SIX ATTACHMENTS - Includes six massage heads designed for specific pressure points in your body. Choose from a point, six-head, air-cushion, scalp, massage oil or facial stick to set up your own personalized massage.

CORDLESS DEEP TISSUE MASSAGER - This massager’s rolling and kneading nodes are designed to soothe stiffness, soreness, and tension in your body, gently penetrating your skin as the nodes massage pressure points and improve blood circulation.

ADJUSTABLE DIRECTION - To ease pain, discomfort, limitation of movement, and tired muscles over different body parts, the massager features adjustable massaging direction to focus on inward and outward rotation of the nodes so you can enjoy maximum relief.

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The Premium Electric Full Body Massager for Full Relief
The Belmint percussion massager has state-of-the-art components and motor that offers better massage relief than professionals thanks to the integration of shiatsu kneading and rolling nodes. The long-lasting li-ion battery with a powerful copper-cored design of the motor, this handheld massager meets all the safety standards by the FDA and FCC to ensure you will get a soothing massage relief from pain, discomfort, tension, aches and knots in your shoulders, neck, back, foot, leg, arm, joints and calf. Whether you need a relaxing massage after work in office or need help soothing tensions from sports, this percussion massager is useful to use any time of the day.

Let Belmint Handheld Massager Help You from the Daily Hectic Life!
Had a long day at work? Too much stress? Got pain after sport event? Indulge yourself with the best massage nodes that Belmint massager has to offer to target different areas of your body.
The portable massager includes six massage heads designed for specific pressure points in your body:

  • Point Stick - targets small areas
  • Six-Head Stick - targets large muscle groups
  • Air-Cushion Stick – for a gentle massage
  • Scalp Stick – gently massages scalp to relieve tension and headaches
  • Massage Oil Stick – add your favorite oil for an aromatherapy massage
  • Facial Stick – for a gentle facial massage to relieve tension and headaches
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