Massage Hammer

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YOUR PERSONAL MASSAGE THERAPISTS - Featuring 6 interchangeable massage nodes and vibration settings, you can enjoy a physical therapist massage and feel refreshed and rejuvenated

RELAX AND TARGET TRIGGER POINTS - The different attachments are helpful for working out more focal and perky muscular trigger points. It provides deep tissue massage that helps relieve pain. 

EASY TO MANAGE TO REACH CHALLENGING AREAS - The long anti-slip silicone handle allows you to target various troublesome spot areas in your back.

CORDLESS DESIGN TO FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE - We thought you may want to use this percussion electric body massager for on-the-go and travelling, and we’ve built it with that in mind. 

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Great for Self Massage At Home or On The Go
The hard-wearing, lightweight and ergonomic design of this powerful percussion massager comes with exclusive attachments that offers you an incredible accuracy when targeting specific area for soothing pain relief.
Whether you’re a professional sport player, white, blue or pink collar worker, this percussion body massager is a godsend to help relieve the stress and tension at the end of the day – giving you a bit of heaven on Earth.

Enjoy Percussion and Micro Vibration Therapy
With patented interchangeable heads and variable speed dials to adjust intensity of percussion, the Belmint percussion massager penetrates deep into muscle tissues to bring relaxation and relief to wherever you need it most. From head to toe, Belmint’s percussion body massager rejuvenates and refreshes your tired and achy muscles.

No More Appointments to Massage Therapists
Save your precious time and pain from getting an appointment and waiting long lines at the clinic. Use your massager at the comfort of your home at any given time of your convenience to get the knots out and various kinds of tension. The front grip makes it easy to direct the action and pinpoint exactly where you need the most relief, and the long handle allows you to target the hardest-to-reach areas, like the middle of your back.

Cordless Design
Use it in the couch, in the bed, bathroom, balcony, and any spot where you feel comfortable. It allows you to carry with you wherever you want to go – whether it’s on holidays, overseas, at the office and even after a session at the gym.

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