Neck Heating Pad


HEATING PAD ELECTRIC FOR YOUR NECK AND SHOULDERS - Designed to rest comfortably on your shoulder, upper back, and neck area, this heating pad is large to cover the affected areas to provide a soothing alleviation to sore muscles, tension, stiffness, and knots while stimulating blood circulation.

SLEEP PEACEFULLY WITH SHOULDER WARMING PAD - Equipped with fast-heating technology, this pad heats in seconds to melt away the pain and discomfort. 

MOIST HEAT OPTION FOR THERAPY RELIEF - You can enjoy dry sauna or moisten to help ease chronic pain. Simply mist the pad with water for deep steam room-type relief. 

SOFT AND COMFORTABLE FOR DAILY USE - We designed this pure relief heating pad with ultra soft fabric that is hypoallergenic and comfy to perfectly wrap around your neck and shoulders.

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Increase Circulation and Blood Flow
Our heating pad is a hand-free pad that features 3 power heat settings that provides a soothing warming sensation to your neck and shoulders as well as back, arms, waist, abdomen, feet and legs. It heats up fast and emits consistent heat to your muscles for relieving pain, stress, knots, tensions, and other discomforts after a long day. You can also benefit from getting better oxygen flow, blood circulation to your tissues, joints and muscles so you can feel rejuvenated. Designed with you in mind, this heating pad is perfect for a cozy afternoon on a winter or rainy day.

Contoured to Fit Around Your Neck and Shoulders
The Belmint heating pad is a U-Shaped pad which is especially designed for the neck and shoulder area. This pad emits negative ions and far-infrared rays that penetrates deep into the tissue to warm and relieve unbearable pain around your neck, upper back and shoulders. It’s multifunctional to use in other areas in your body such as arms and legs to provide relief for sore muscles, stiff, and other aches and pains.

Spray Water on the Pad for Better Heat Absorption and Relief
The premium microplus flannel fabric is chosen by our professionals to provide a therapeutic relief for your achy muscles. The fabric can be moisten which allows the heat absorb better on the skin to help relieve chronic stiff neck, fibromyalgia and migraines. Start out at a low temperature as this pad get hot.

Use It Wherever You Desire
Whether on bed, recliner, or on your favorite sofa, this heating pad is lightweight, portable and convenient to warm your muscles where you feel most comfortable. The pad has a 10ft cord and uses a key controller which allows you to switch between the 3 heat settings.

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